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Network Effect: Why companies burn cash on customers?

In this hot season of startup IPOs, one term we are constantly hearing from pro-startup folks is "Network Effect". So, ...

Influencer Marketing catching Influenza?

In recent times we all have seen the shift from Facebook to other social media platforms. Now almost everyone we ...

The Document Scanner that Bharat Deserves

In the later June of 2020, when the most popular Document Scanning app, CamScanner was banned with 58 other Chinese ...

The Seduction of Pessimism

Pessimism means a tendency to think negatively. A pessimistic person may frequently identify and focus on the negative or unfavourable ...

Cringe and Cash, the TikTok Tale

When future generations pick up the history of 2016-2020 years, they shall discover two pandemics. One that shut the global ...

How Does Pharma Work? – Part 1

There goes a lot into the process of making a drug. Before a drug is deemed suitable for patients, it ...

Lending without Meeting: WhatsApp and Jio

If you are someone who runs out of money during the month-end or looking for some short term loan here ...

Why do companies do Share Buybacks?

Buyback of share means Re-acquisition by the company of its own share and return money to the shareholder.


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