The Secret behind No Cost EMI!

Lately, you might be seeing a lot of “No Cost EMI” schemes and wonder why they would provide you a ...

Why do companies do Share Buybacks?

Buyback of share means Re-acquisition by the company of its own share and return money to the shareholder.

Is Debt harmful for the country?

Debt is an instrument that has an equal number of critics and supporters, but if we look at this concerning ...

Power of Compounding

If it’s Finance, it has to start with Compounding!

When I asked one of my friends If given a choice between taking one crore rupees or 1 rupee that ...

This US Startup is simplifying Options Trading for Millenials

The main reason a Rookie investor loses money is because of the lack of information and tech that can guide ...

People Skill – The First Initiative

People Skill - What does this mean? It means a set of skills any human can/should follow to become influential ...

Basics of Technical Analysis

Centuries of work has passed by interpreting and understanding the movement of prices in financial markets and the product of ...

How an industrial adhesive product like Fevicol became a household name in India?

Fevicol is one of the most iconic brands owned by Pidilite since 1959. The company was initially called Parekh Dichem. ...


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